"How can anyone believe in
God in this scientific age?"
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"Haven’t Christians caused
more harm than good?"
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"I’m a good person.
Isn’t that good enough?"
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Are You Questioning God?

For so many people today, Christianity raises more questions than it provides answers.

And to that, author John Hopper says, “Great!”

In Questioning God?, John invites those skeptical of Christian claims (and of Christians!) to consider honest answers to such often-asked questions.

“You have questions. Good questions. They deserve well-reasoned answers,” John says. “In this book I aim simply to put the facts on the table and let you decide for yourself whether there is any credence to the idea of God, the Bible, or Christianity.”

You might be surprised to learn Jesus took the same approach!

Questioning God? Answers to Questions Worth Asking is the perfect book for anyone wanting to explore, challenge, or simply understand why Christianity is relevant – even vital – for our current times.